Grief Guide

We have had a number of conversations lately about the importance of intentional grieving.

When we lose someone we love, there are others who lost the same person. Each person has their own stories and histories with the deceased. It can be healing and important to have time to share these with one another.

As such, we can come up with a “Grief Guide” – an intentional conversation starter. This likely will feel awkward or maybe even forced, but if you lean into the goodness that may come out of it, you will all walk away refreshed.

We need to talk about our loved ones. It’s a compulsion to share their stories once they can’t. It’s a necessity to share how they changed our life, what is missing now that they are gone, etc.

Use these questions as a starting point. Be honest in your sharing and you will all get more out of the experience.

“What is one thing you learned from (your loved one)?”

“What is one of your favorite memories about (your loved one)?”

“What is one thing you wish (your loved one) could have experienced?”

“What was one thing (your loved one) did that bugged you?”

“In what ways does the memory of (your loved one) impact the way you live in the after?”

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