The Beginning

Our story is interwoven with loss and hope.

In 2015, we were an expectant family of 3, about to become a family of 4. Unexpectedly, we lost our baby at 39 weeks stillborn. This shook our world and re-directed our path.

Since then, we have had a growing desire to walk alongside the grieving, providing space, offering resources, and being present. This has morphed into the dream of Elias Bereavement Services. We long to have a space where physical, tactile, individual, and communal grief work can be done. Until we can secure a space and grow into what we dream of, we will start here.

We desire for connection and know that by sharing our story, we are allowing others to share theirs. We hope that this blog, these downloads, these articles bring hope to you in your time of need. We hope that it brings comfort to you in these hard times. We hope you know you are not alone.

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