Do you ever find yourself telling a story about your loved one and realizing it feels like a ‘fresh memory’? Like you haven’t thought of that story for a while? Or it was buried under other, more recent memories?

I find myself surprised at times by the memories that pop up of my dad. Often times, there are memories that stick out, they are stronger somehow. But then, once in a while, ‘new’ memories pop up, fresh reminders of our shared history.

I sometimes find myself in these moments, wanting to capture these stories. As they don’t feel as familiar, I want to make sure they don’t get buried under the stronger memories.

In planning for our bullet journaling pages, the idea of capturing these memories came up. A place to write down memories and stories, or a place to draw a moment together, to capture your mental photographs.

We love these two pages for memory keeping. This is such a tangible way to keep those memories of your loved one close. It can be added to as stories arise, or as your grief allows. You can draw in the space, or write about the moment.

As with our other bullet journaling pages (and workbooks) these two pages can be found on our downloads page.

Also, if you haven’t seen this video yet, do! One Voice Children’s Choir does a cover of Maroon 5’s Memories and it is beautiful. Our favorite line, ‘memories bring back, memories bring back you’ is such a beautiful image. We hope these sheets allow you to remember, grieve and sit with the memories.

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