Right after we moved to Manitoba, I started seeing a counselor. I decided to continue seeing her after we lost Levi. Her knowing my history and current events was helpful in tracking with my grief and helping me process.

One thing she suggested I do was write a couple of letters. She suggested I write a letter to my dad who had died 8 years earlier at the time, and one to Levi, who had died just months before.

It took me some time. And the letters looked very different. My relationships with my dad and Levi were obviously very different, so my letters to each one contained different things that I needed to say.

We have some letter templates for just that idea. The idea of taking space and time to write to your lost loved one, whoever they are, no matter when they died. Giving yourself space to think through thoughts, process your grief and share it with your loved one can bring some peace and healing.

There are three different templates. One is fairly blank, with space for your own thoughts. The other two have prompts because sometimes having a sentence starter can kickstart some thoughts. They can all be found on our downloads page.

Take your time. Write down stuff you wish you had said. Say what you are feeling. Pencil in what is on your mind. Fill in things that you have learned since they died. Speak to them as if they were beside you.

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