Coloring Pages

When we were pregnant with our third, there was a lot of maternal anxiety for me. Having gone through an unexplained stillbirth meant that there were no easy guarantees with pregnancy anymore.

Everything went right with Levi’s pregnancy until it suddenly went wrong.

So during our third’s pregnancy, there was much anxiety over what could happen and what we hoped surely wouldn’t happen again.

In the last days before her delivery, I spent much time with our oldest coloring. He was three and a half at the time and I was easily tired from being 9 months pregnant. I found an easy activity for us to do together was coloring. And I found that it eased a bit of anxiety within me. Filling in the lines was expected, it was something I could control. There was fluidity in the colorings I chose, but there was a framework, and the end result would be exactly as it should be.

In reflecting on this, we wanted to have a variety of grief-related coloring pages to offer. You will find them all on our downloads page, available at any time you need them.

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