Pockets of Sunshine

When we lost our Levi, a friend at the time told us to look for the little graces in the day. Moments we could find joy and be thankful amidst the deep pain and grief we were feeling.

We found this helped orient us. It allowed us to be honest in our grief, but also gave us sight to see how there were still good things around us.

Moments like playing with our oldest, who was only two at the time. Graces like family that cared for us. Pockets like a summer to step back and allow space for healing.

Our dear friend has been working on some projects for us and we are excited to share the first one with you. We love the idea of bullet journaling (and we will explore more of that to come!). Bullet journaling is a way to connect on paper with the things going on around you and in your mind.

We did this first one as a family last night. It was really fun to hear the different pockets of sunshine from each member in our family. Things we love, moments we enjoy, memories that bring peace. As we filled it in, we began to see the shape of the sun come out and the kids loved seeing it come to life.

This can be how it is with grief and loss. We feel empty and not sure how we are going to emerge. But over time, with help from friends and family, with time to process and heal, we begin to see again.

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