Grief Workbooks for Kids

Kids go through grief too. It can be complicated for kids to process their emotions, feel safe speaking their feelings, or even fully understand the finality of death.

We have found through helping our own kids process their grief, that being honest and simple is very helpful. Letting your kids see that you are grieving, sad, confused or angry at the loss gives them permission to feel those things. It also allows them to see that not only are their feeling valid, but they can trust you with their feelings.

Enter these workbooks. So far we have two age ranges – 4-6 and 6-10. Books like these work best if there is an adult who can guide the discussion or help younger children read/write. Our recommendation is to allow time for the child to speak their thoughts; not to guess what they want written, but to allow space for them to speak. Use these discussion starters as that: starting points.

Write as little or as much as they say, or as much as they want. Encourage them to use the extra space to doodle or write down other thoughts that come from discussion. Do a page at a time, or do many pages at a time. There is no prescription for helping kids process grief. The main thing is to let them direct this process.

These booklets can be viewed and reviewed as much or as little as seems helpful. It may be helpful to look at past workbooks to see how their grief has evolved or transformed as the child has aged.

The workbooks are available on our downloads page. If you print it double sided, and fold in half, it should come out as a booklet.

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