Bookshelf of Grief

After a loved one dies, we can get desperate to feel close to them again. We wear their clothes, sift through their belongings, and generally try to find ways to feel their presence again.

One way we brainstormed feeling close to your loved one after they died was to read their favorite books. Our dear friend created a couple of bookshelves to that effect.

As you think about your loved one and their favorite books or authors, fill in the spines of the books. Doodle on the bookshelf, using the template or filling in your own. As you sit with the bookshelf, let your mind wander and think about your loved one. Take your time with it. Come back to it every once in a while.

And when you want to feel close to your loved one? Read the bookshelf and pick one of the books to read. And as you read the book they loved, you can be reminded of their presence in your life.

Both bookshelves can be found on our downloads page

Loved one not a reader? We have a music page and a movies page now as well. They are also on our downloads page.

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